I’m a landscape artist, living and working in Cornwall, creating mixed media paintings of the North Cornwall coast, as well as other lovely Cornish destinations. My Cornish paintings are vibrant and richly textured, and capture the wonderful colours and landscape throughout the year and in all weathers.

I love to draw, so my paintings are created from sketches that I make outside in the landscape. I've been drawing the Cornish countryside since I was a child. I've always loved to make pictures of things that move me, and I find the Cornish landscape forever interesting and inspiring – dynamic, ever-changing and alive.

I moved to Cornwall in 2007 so that I could be in the place I wanted to paint, and in 2013 spent a year painting one painting a week and posting it on my blog (onepaintingaweek.wordpress.com). The feedback I received was great and encouraged me to continue. I've since exhibited in Cornwall in solo and joint exhibitions, and also in London with the National Society. My Cornish paintings are widely collected by lovers of Cornwall in the UK and all over the world.

All the paintings here are for sale – simply visit the gallery pages and click on the images for details. There are also some animal paintings of the creatures I encounter on my Cornish walks.

I've recently started a series of collaged paintings based on the time I spent in Tintagel. I hope they'll appear here soon!

There are also high-quality signed limited edition prints, professionally produced in Cornwall - and cards to come soon.

If you need information about buying a painting or print, please go to the FAQs here.

If you have any queries, please click here to contact me or email me at anitalanghamart(at)gmail.com